Portable Type Crack Detectors / Portable Magnetic Crack Detectors

Portable Type Crack Detectors

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Portable Type Crack Detectors / Portable Magnetic Crack Detectors. We provide Installation Services also. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. We serve worldwide, but majorly we target customers from South Africa and European Countries.

MAGNO - MASTER 1500 has been specially designed for use as a portable unit. It is normally supplied for table mounting and can be lifted by handle by one man. The accessories are contained in a sturdy canvas bag. A special box type trolley with locking arrangement for accessories is available as an optional accessory. A pram type trolley for easy maneouvrability is also available. The equipment is suitable for detecting all surface and sub - surface cracks upto a depth of 6 mm in ferro - magnetic objects of any shape and size. Demagnetisation is achieved by the suitable diameter. Facility for remote control operation has been provided.

Weighing 42 kg without accessories and having output upto a max of 1000 Amp AC and half wave DC for surface and sub - surface detection upto a depth of 6 mm in ferrous components of varied types of shapes and sizes and in welds.