Quality Monitoring Services

We are providing Quality Monitoring Services like Circular Magnetization, AC Circular Magnetization, HWDC Circular Magnetization, Longitudinal Magnetization, Coil Longitudinal Magnetization, Yoke Longitudinal Magnetization, Combined Magnetization, Quality of Material, Quality of Workmanship, Operation and Service Manual, Training etc.and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. We serve worldwide, but majorly we target customers from South Africa and European Countries.

Performance level of system. This is done on artificial fault test piece as per ASTM A-275 which is supplied as a standard accessory with each equipment.

Circular Magnetization - AC / HWDC
The job is clamped between two copper contact pads by operating pneumatic lever as well as mechanical. Magnetic fluid is flowed over the job using lever operated hand hose and while the fluid is still flowing a high current shot of desired strength is passed by pressing a foot switch. Duration of current flow which is controlled by electronic timer is generally 1/2 to 1 sec. The job is then inspected for longitudinal cracks using black light lamp. The cracks are seen as brilliant yellowish green lines.

Longitudinal Magnetization ­ Coil / Yoke
In this mods of operation magnetic flux of the desired intensity is passed through the job by pressing a foot switch. The magnetic fluid is applied as before and the job inspected for transverse cracks. As the traverse of coil field is around 250 mm on either side the job is examined in suitable sections at a time.

Combined Magnetization
In this mode of operation. circular and longitudinal fields are applied simultaneously. By use of this technique all cracks irrespective of their configuration are detected in a single examination. The rate of inspection is more than doubled by using this method. The limitation of coil field traverse as described above is applicable in this mode also.

Quality of Material
Best quality of raw material and finished components utilised in the production process. Components comply in all respects to oru engineering drawing and specifications.

Quality of Workmanship
All works executed by highly skilled and experienced technicians under supervision of engineering staff. The completed machine thoroughly inspected by our Quality Control Section before presentation to the customers' representative for final inspection at our works.

All components are properly finished and treated for rust prevention. The entire frame and door assembly in powder coated with siemens gray & dark gray.

Operation & Service Manual
All aspects of operation end service are thoroughly covered up in the manual. Automatic mode of operation is explained by cycle charts followed sectional circuits. Parts list is meticulously prepared and essential recommended to be kept for emergents repairs.

We impart comprehensive training in the operation and maintenance of equipment of our make to our customers' representatives. Regulars courses at professional level are conducted at our works. An operator trained by us at once become an assets to the organisation which he serves.