Universal Type Crack Detectors

Universal Type Crack Detectors

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Installation of Universal Type Crack Detectors, and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India

MCD : 1500 AC / HWDC CF 05

ONE MACHINE WITH MULTI - PURPOSE USE FOR ROW MATERIAL TO FINISH JOBS. CIRCULAR - MAGNETISATION ( Head shot ) or Prod. LONGITUDINAL - MAGNETISATION with COIL technique.Capacity of coil diameter 200 mm COIL portal dia.200 mm with 6 step variable control switch. Magnetisation time control by timer with Trigger / Foot / Remote operation switch. Dark room facility with Rexene cover and curtains with folding arrangement. U. V. Tube light or BULB facility for inspection hair line and fine cracks. Circulation system for wet magnetic bath with tank and pump. Job clamping facility with spring loaded stock with 5 Kgs. pressure.

MAGNETIC POWDERS : WET : Fluorescent, Non Fluorescent, Red I Black. DRY: Red, Black. APPLICABLE STANDARDS AND POWDERS FREE ALONG WITH EQUIPMENT. CRACK DETECTION LIMITS: Surface, near-surface, Sub-surface up to 2.5mm depth. With prod method 6mm sub-surface.

DEMAGNETISATION : Clamp the COIL at the job position and fix the H.C. cable out-put at AC mode and with draw the jobs from Coil portal by pressing foot switch.

*Manufacturing Standard as per A S T M , BS , DIN, JIS.

APPLICATIONS : Forging Shop Automobile, Earth Movers Diesel Engine Works Heavy Machinery Railways Defense Services Inspection Services


"We serve worldwide, but majorly we targeted customers from South Africa"